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Werkzeugfabrik GmbH
Schnaitbergstr. 1
D - 73457 Essingen
Tel: +49 (0) 7365 / 9648 720
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Professional and competent
Only some main items:
Heat insulation, noise protection,
historical windows, renovations
(protection of monuments), DV-Double
windows, box type window, wood/alu
solutions, front doors, passiv house
and low energy windows, etc.
Easy to survey documents
All drawings are obtainable in:
AutoCAD-Format DXF or DWG
CorelDRAW-Format CDR
PostScript-Format EPS
The data can be used for price-lists,
schedules, CAD-drawings, offerings,
booklets and advertising.
Coloured drawings, scale 1:1,
machine placement plans, sectional
plans with all construction details
of the window.
Detailed drawings for longitudinal and
transverse processing.
Servicing, training, guidance
Our quality-tools are nearly maintenance-free. Purchasing spare parts is easy and fast.
You can get trainings or guidances in
our rooms or in yours.
Digital Data Formats - No big deal!